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Training days are interactive

Welcome to esafety for schools by Youthworks.   


TRAINING DAY 20th May, London



A refreshing new approach can help engage your pupils, staff and parents to make the most of the exciting online world. Staff feel empowered with a range of Iideas and tools to use. Our training takes place in small groups, it is interactive and informal. You take away ideas and tools to use in school.


Training covers:


  • A new approach to e-safety,
  • What schools need in place,
  • What students need to know,
  • What inspections require,
  • Exciting classroom activities,
  • How to handle real life cases,
  • Policy and procedures,
  • Handling serious incidents,
  • Engaging parents.


  We stay up to date by constantly researching young people's experiences. and deliver evidence based advice.


 ‘Brilliant course!  I have learnt lots about how to keep children safe on the internet and hot to share ideas/activities with my Year 5/6 class!’

'Very informative - loads to think about and even more to implement'.

Bespoke training is available. 


OSIRIS Educational training and INSETS Training will now include our latest report . Vulnerable Children in a Digital World  in partnership with Internet Matters. 



Based on young people's views

The Youthworks Cybersurvey now has over 38,000 young respondents and is in its 10th year!

The Cybersurvey is a rigorous survey programme. Carefully tested and responsive to current concerns. Why not commission it for your area or group of schools?


We took what young people told us and identified who was most at risk online: 




Research study: Vulnerable Young People and Their Experience of Online Risks.

Blog Vulnerable Offline And At Risk Online

Report Vulnerable Children in a Digital World  in partnership with Internet Matters.

   The latest survey included:

  • Emotional health and how it is linked with online behaviour
  • Meeting up in real life with someone known only online
  • Sharing self generated intimate images
  • Manipulative or controlling relationships
  • Cyberbullying and other aggression
  • Visiting sites promoting anorexia, self-harm, suicide, racism and hatred, extremist views.
  • High risk online behaviour.
  • Teens' relationships with their mobiles


To enquire about your school, academy chain or local authority taking part, please contact us or read more on our Cybersurvey website.



Cybersurvey reports

Adrienne Katz, Director of Youthworks, is an author, accredited CPD trainer and researcher. She was formerly a Regional Adviser for Anti-Bullying Alliance and a Director of Bullying Intervention Group. She runs the Cybersurvey.  

Books for schools

Books, reports, research

New Report

New research reveals how online risks could be anticipated among children who are already vulnerable offline.


READ  Vulnerable Children in a Digital World


About this report. Media Release


Books for primary and secondary schools

  • 'Making Your Primary School e-Safe'
  • 'Making Your Secondary School e-Safe'
  • 'Cyberbullying and e-safety'


'Making your primary school e-safe'.

A fantastic read! Katz has provided a great source of practical advice and information with this book.'

 - Heather Jeavons, DGfL Senior Education Development Manager.

 ‘Katz has done it again! Adrienne has managed to deliver a comprehensive guide for primary school audiences on how to keep children and staff safer online. Packed full of practical tools, Making your Primary School E-Safe is a book we can all take a leaf from in generating a “Web We Want.”’

– Lorna Jackson MA., BA(Hons).,AASW.,CQSW.,CPOD, Professional Advisor and E-safety Officer


Books available from

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Book reviews 

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