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This page was originally created for candidates on our courses but so many people wanted them I have made them available to everyone. New items are added all the time. If you have an issue you'd like me to address, simply email. If you have a great resource you think I should know about, please let me know!



Let's be clear on Cyberbullying. Get the latest facts, stats and advice.

Pupils with SEN

Young people with a wide range of difficulties shared their online experiences in the Cybersurvey. For insights view the  Slide deck 

Age limits for apps

App age limits
Adobe Acrobat document [294.1 KB]

Please note some apps are no longer in use.Vine is one such example.

Keep Kids Safe Online

Useful general guide in clear chapters.


Here are two excellent sources of advice:

Sexting in schools & Colleges and

Sexting in schools: Advice and Support Around Self-Generated Images.

Gain insights from my report on young people involved in sexting

Popular apps

New messaging apps
A list of popular apps young people are using with short descriptions.
Adobe Acrobat document [528.4 KB]

Teachers: be techsmart 1

Tip Sheet 1 
A useful tip sheet for teachers. Be professional and techsmart.
Adobe Acrobat document [358.2 KB]

SNS settings, techsmart 2

Tip sheet 2 Useful sites
When you're dealing with incidents you will need these support pages for popular social media sites. 
PDF [300.7 KB]

Cyberbullying & the law

Guide to the law relating to cyberbullying and online crime

PDF [571.4 KB]

E-safety game board

Print on an A3 sheet to play the e-safety game described in my latest book, 'Making your primary school e-safe'.  Photocopiable cards are given in the book with a secondary version in 'Making your Secondary School e-safe.' The game is a 'Snakes and Ladders' type game where you go back a few places if you take a risk online.


Scares & Panics 10 tips

Every so often you'll read about the latest scare. Some are genuine others are a hoax. How should parents handle this? TIPS

Creative uses of screentime

Banish fear of screentime. Make it creative time. 16 ideas to try with children.

Tips on Live streaming

Madly popular with kids, but here's what you should know.

Tips on Snap Streaks

Why are kids fascinated with Snap Streaks and should you be worried?  

Gaming: VR & AR, parents' update

Virtual and Augmented Reality Games. What do I need to know?

Download pdf

Age limits for apps

Kids get little or no advice from parents 

Why do so few parents show kids how to stay safe online?  Our infographic gives the picture

Popular apps

New messaging apps
A list of popular apps young people are using with short descriptions.
Adobe Acrobat document [528.4 KB]

Warnings on apps

From time to time alerts are posted about apps that cause concern. 
September 2016: Yellow and Calculator Yellow and Calculator

For parents of teens

Advice for parents of teens
An A4 sheet of advice for parents of teens. Useful for parents' evenings or to use as a prompt for discussions with parents.
Adobe Acrobat document [260.6 KB]

General tips for parents

What does it mean?

An infographic of Internet Slang and acronyms by 'Who is hosting this?'

Gaming kid in the family?

Tips for parents who have a gaming kid in your family

Young people

10 tips on social media

10 Tips for teens on SNS
Using social media safely

Stay in control 

Stay in control of your social media: how to deactivate for a bit

10 tips on text & email

10 tips for teens on texting , messaging and email

What is Cyber-crime?

5 tips when gaming

Reporting on social networks

Need to report something to a social media site?

Try here

Can you tell if news is fake?

This guide can help you. 

Tips for teens on Privacy 

Here are some ideas to try when thinking about your privacy and profile.

Teen Tips on Clickbait

What is clickbait? Where do I find it? What does it look like? How can I deal with it? Tips

Insta girl feels the pressure

Insta pressure described by a girl who knows. Blogger and model Roxie Nafousi explains. Learn how you can take charge of your life.

E-safety board game. Safe/unsafe?
Adobe Acrobat document [303.5 KB]

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